Your Own Personal Consultant

The biggest value in joining Learn To Make A Product is having 24/7 access to your own personal, one-on-one consultant (at a fraction of the cost of actually having a full-time consultant!)

Our plans are designed so that you can get support (by phone, video or email) whenever you need help. Forget hour-long call blocks or inconvenient office hours… you can ask questions whenever you have them, with no time-minimum.

We’ll cover everything from packaging to testing to branding to ecommerce and fulfillment. And beyond!

Don’t make the mistake of entering a new industry and trying to figure things out totally on your own. This almost always translates to lost time and money! By investing in expert guidance, you’ll go further and faster, make fewer errors, and launch your product to success.


Step By Step Launch Framework

When you sign up, you’ll receive our Product Launch Map, which outlines the entire process of launching a product-based business. You’ll be able to see the big picture with clarity, along with each step you need to take to design, source, and launch your product.

This checklist covers prototyping, sourcing, business set up, legal considerations, packaging, shipping, photography, building a website and much more. Use it as a master plan for your launch and you’ll be light years ahead of everyone operating without a plan!



Finding the right partners to make your product a reality is hard work. How do you find the best factories? Does it make sense for you to produce domestically or overseas? And who can you really trust with your time and money?

When you join Learn To Make A Product, you get access to our network of manufacturers, plus other creative professionals like graphic designers, marketers, photographers and more.  

We’ll help you connect with the factories and vendors you need, and if we don’t have the right fit in our network, we give you clear instructions for locating specific partners. We’ll also share insider tips for vetting manufacturers and vendors and negotiating the best rates.


Creative Direction

When we work together, we’ll review each of these elements and give you honest and specific feedback about how to improve the look and feel of your brand. This includes your logo and brand identity, messaging and copy, product design, photography, website and more. 

Expert creative direction is what gives you that “professional” brand feel… the quality you can’t always put your finger on, but that you just know when you see it. And it’s what attracts customers too! You’ll benefit immensely from having seasoned, personalized creative direction as you launch your product.


Proven Track Record

We’ve helped hundreds of maker’s just like you, across a wide variety of product categories, including apparel, accessories, home goods, medical devices, toys, furniture and more! 

In order to help people achieve their business goals, we go beyond providing expertise; Learn To Make A Product Launch Plans give you built in coaching and accountability too. There is a reason professional athletes, executives, musicians, actors etc rely on coaches to be at their best – you need someone outside yourself to help you push through creative and mental blocks, maintain your stamina, and stay committed to your goals! 

This holistic approach – combined with our deep knowledge of manufacturing and business building –  is why we have a proven track record of helping physical product entrepreneurs launch.


Tools & Templates

Get access to must-have tools and templates for product entrepreneurs. Stay organized and grow like a pro! 

Here are some of the templates available in the Learn To Make A Product library: